Chapman Leather Duffel Bag Black

R 3,495.00

Made from only the finest, most durable leather, Chapman is the minimalist duffel bag of the highest quality. Offering just the right size and a convenient, organized design, this fantastic travel duffel bag comes with a never-let-you-down guarantee.

The Chapman Leather Duffel Bag Black will fit greatly into your lifestyle. With a sturdy, rugged design and plenty of room, this bag offers genuine leather and premium craftsmanship at a great price.

Handcrafted to order - The Chapman genuine leather duffel bag is perfect for traveling and the gym life for the modern man. Finished with top-notch fittings from Italy. This is a must-have duffel bag you won't want to put down. 

Colour Black
Main Material Genuine Leather
Style Duffel Bag / Travel Bag
Dimensions 52cm (Length) x 29cm (Height) x 29cm (Depth)
Leather Hardness 3/10 (Soft Leather)

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