Emerald Green Duffel Bag

R 4,999.00

Good things take time like the Emerald Green duffel Bag. We took our time to hand-craft a duffel that was larger than life yet compact enough for a quick weekend getaway. 

The new addition to our collection of duffel bags is just stunning. The Emerald Green Duffel Bag is THE duffel for refined simplicity! The perfect travel companion, this simple yet sophisticated duffel was designed with everyday use in mind. It's the perfect size, neither too huge nor too small, with only the most important pockets and compartments.

The hunter green leather changes color ever so slightly with use creating a very personalised effect as it ages and so no two duffel bags are ever the same.

Emerald Green Duffel bag is up to the task whether it be gym, business, or a weekend getaway. This luxury duffel bag will provide you with a lifetime of adventure thanks to its soft leather texture and big capacity.

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